About Me

The Real Story

About 10 years ago, I was introduced to Dr John Demartini and attended one of his famous workshops, “The Breakthrough Experience” here in South Africa.  There was only one question I remember him asking.  It was this:  What do you want?  This question agitated me such that I was tempted not to return the following day.  It unnerved me because I didn’t know the answer – I didn’t know what I wanted – and I thought I knew myself quite well!

A lot has changed since then…

I have learnt much, achieved much, risked much, gained much and experienced enormous joy and happiness. I have raised two young men as a single mother. Like you, no doubt, I have had my fair share of challenge and adversity. I have certainly experienced the highs and lows of life!  This has given me the gift of wisdom, a gift I have asked for as long as I can remember. It has also allowed me to demonstrate tremendous courage which I know is an inspiration to others.

Along the way, I have gained a number of qualifications, embraced some great career opportunities, watched my boys grow into beautiful young men and taken some adventurous trips to memorable places. It was only when I left a successful career in education and started my own business – in the middle of a recession – that I discovered my “dharma” or purpose. I finally found the answer to Demartini’s question and, knowing what I wanted, I was able to go for it heart, head, soul and spirit!

The truth is – my calling found me – and I was ready.

So what really changed?

Somehow I managed to put on the pause button. For years my life did not feel like my own.  In fact it felt, at times, as if I were metaphorically dying.  I stopped one day and said, “Enough! It’s now or never.” I started to breathe, to meditate – to live! I slowed down and literally stopped moving so fast. I guess I woke up and kept waking up.

But also … I failed. And I failed again. I hit rock bottom and gracefully unravelled! Many times since, I have been up on the metaphorical trapeze knowing that it is often in taking our biggest leaps of faith that we learn to fly!

I started to see how I had played so small, misused my intelligence and doubted myself again and again.

I started to walk in my power!

I continued to observe, test and challenge my thinking and explore NEW ways of seeing, feeling, doing and being. I saw the system and the system within the system and myself as an interconnected part in this. I began to tell the truth. I started to identify all the many and highly sophisticated masks I had been wearing. I took them off one by one and discovered a wonderful, connected, humorous and philosophical woman – my authentic self – albeit with a flair for the eccentric!

With experience in law, media and education and armed with highly credible professional coaching qualifications, much learning and a wealth of experience, I feel equipped to serve you.

I am confident to partner with you on this exciting learning journey to take charge of your personal, professional and organisational happiness and success and to support your choice to thrive in your life and leadership.

So you see, I am interested in mastering intelligence to foster greater resilience, brilliance and presence because this has been and remains part of my personal story.

  • I have come to recognise and trust my own intelligence and am committed to showing you the wealth of intelligence you are able to tap into.
  • I have faith in an even greater Intelligence.  Whatever this is for you, it is something bigger than yourself that gives you a sense of meaning. I will help you identify this greater sense of purpose.
  • I have experienced the freedom that comes with radical choice.  I will introduce you to 10 Resilient Choices that have the power to change your life.
  • I have been my own best case-study and continue to hone the same tools and skills I have taught others and will be teaching you.
  • I see brilliance in terms of identity, authenticity and self-knowledge and have learnt that I am being my most brilliant when I am in a state of “flow” and when I am acting in line with my passion, purpose and potential. I will help you align what you believe, what you perceive and what you achieve!
  • As a coach, I believe in your brilliance and in your capacity for success, happiness and self-knowledge
  • I have learnt to recognise and manage my own mood and mind-set. I will work with you to help you more consciously shift your state of being and choose to embrace a more positive state. Having learnt how unhealthy it is to “live in my head” and to go through life avoiding or numbing the discomfort of negative emotions, I can help you “sit with” and transform more negative states, with curiosity and without judgement
  • Many times, I have said the prayer: Lord give me the serenity to accept what I cannot change and the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. This is the path to true resilience!
  • I have observed how certain people show up with presence and have seen the impact of this on others.   I have experience how “being present” is one of the secrets to having presence.

I am ready.  What about you?