About Resilience

Research shows that fostering greater resilience and developing nimbleness is key to business success.
Resilience results in organisational health and happiness. This is the key to you  having a vital competitive advantage in times of flux and volatility.
It is the way forward.

  1. What would your personal and professional life be like if you were flourishing – physically, emotionally, mentally, financially and spiritually – in good times and in the face of adversity, complexity, uncertainty and change?
  2. What would your team, group, leadership, organisation or even community be like if it were thriving under similar conditions?


My job is to coach, teach, empower, challenge and inspire you do FIVE things to radically shift where you are presently in your professional and personal capacity:

  1. Create and commit to a new and compelling vision for your life and leadership
  2. Access a far greater range of your innate and collective intelligence
  3. Learn new skills and practices to increase your global resilience and consistently make more resilient choices
  4. Enhance your natural brilliance to make a significant difference
  5. Experience greater presence, personally and professionally[/message]

I would like to help you align your power, passion, potential and purpose. I would like to challenge you to take the steps required to start leading a bigger and bolder business. And, lastly, I would like to invite you to use your position to start making a significantly more positive and powerful impact in the world. Essentially I want to see you flourish. Why? Because I know when you are flourishing or thriving, you are happy and when you are happy you are more successful.

Here’s how it works…

We have been told by the powers that be that if we put our nose to the grindstone and work hard now, we will be successful, and therefore happier, at some stage in the future. I am not convinced this makes sense. What scientific research is showing us is that happiness leads to success – and not the other way round.

When we are happy – when our mind-set and mood is positive – we are smarter, more motivated, more creative, more focused and productive and thus more successful. We are optimistic. And realistic. We know who we are, where we are going, what we want to achieve and how to ask for support on the way. We have the confidence and self-knowledge to believe and trust that we are fully capable of making a difference and attracting the opportunities we need to lead bigger and bolder lives.

What we do know is that individuals, leaders and teams that are both happy and successful have high levels of resilience.

  • They manage their mood and their mind-set.
  • They have strategies to cope with overwhelm.
  • In their organisations, they harness both social and psychological capital for success and happiness.
  • They have the capacity not just to bounce back from adversity but to THRIVE on many levels, physically, emotionally, mentally, financially and spiritually.

What is it about these individuals, teams and organisations that enable them to FLOURISH in the face of set back, failure, challenge and change? How do they move fluidly from one set of circumstances to the next without losing their integrity? How do they regain their balance again and again and remain in flow?

Do you know people like this?

They seem to live almost magical lives, filled with gratitude and synchronicity.

They flourish where others flounder.

They thrive where others just survive.

They take bold action and they get things done.

What do they do differently? Are they super human? Actually, no! 
They are like you and me. 

BUT… they have learnt a simple but profound key which you can learn too.
They have learnt the art and science of resilience.


As a young professional, leader, executive or entrepreneur, do you sense a significant gap between your highest potential and how things show up on a day to day basis? Do you find this frustrating and dissatisfying? Do you occasionally see the possibility that exists for a greater and more authentic life and leadership and catch glimpses of the path you should take? And then this eludes you?

The problem is that you don’t have a map, or a plan to get you there and you fear the consequences of taking a giant leap of faith into the unknown. What if you fail?  What will happen then? 

When the “what if’s” prevail, instead of becoming more flexible, instead of being willing to learn from your mistakes and failures, instead of looking for support and mentorship and being more open to new opportunities for growth and development, you start to feel out of control. You fall back into old patterns of thinking and seem unable to shift the limiting beliefs that you have about yourself and the situation. You live in your head and do not invite the heart so cutting off access to your intuition. Low grade anxiety narrows your creativity and locks you into a more tunnel-visioned view of the world.  And, in this state, it is easy to compare yourself to others. Suddenly everyone else out there seems calmer that you, more able to handle change, more “grown up”, in touch with what they want from life, and generally happier.

How do you cope at times like this? If you are anything like I was for many years, you simply push on. Head down. Bouts of sickness are par for course. Addictive behaviour is denied. You focus on work and family but the fall out is huge. “I’m fine, thanks” is your stock reply when any one asks you how you are. And, guess what, you appear pretty fine. You have pretty much mastered this. You are good at it! Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Your resilience is low. Your self-confidence is taking blows. You may feel out of control. Sometimes you feel as if you have lost your way. In rare moments you wonder what will happen if you don’t make changes? What will be painful about your future if you keep on doing things in the same way you always have?

The good news is that you don’t have to wait for a WAKE UP call to find the keys to boost your resilience, brilliance and presence.

What you are really longing for is a paradigm shift in your thinking. To do this you need a “thinking partner” to guide the process of personal and professional




I want to share a secret with you.

Your life and leadership doesn’t have to be this way. The possibility exists for you to look back in 6 – 12 months and see a radically different person emerging: a happier, more successful version of you. The possibility exists for you to look back in 6 – 12 months and see a radically different business emerging; a radically different team emerging: a more engaged and resilient version of what it was before.

To foster greater resilience, discover greater brilliance and experience greater presence you just need to:

Become aware of your innate and collective intelligence

Learn to harness your full range of intelligence

Focus on your strengths and work with your weakness

Create a Resilience Plan and practice a set of calibrated Resilience Skills

Make more Resilient Choices more consistently

Do you want to make an impact on the world and use your influence to make a difference? 

Do you believe you can?

I do.

Do you wish to be successful AND sought after AND significant AND of service?

Do you believe you can?

I do.

Do you want to harness your full range of innate and collective intelligence in order to thrive ?

Do you believe you can?

I do.

I invite you…
to lead a bigger and bolder life,
a bigger and bolder team,
and a bigger and bolder business.

We live largely in our comfort zones and resist change. This is understandable. Change is not easy. It takes a lot of energy. Many of us sense we have so much more to give and to say and to do and the gap between this, our highest potential, and where we are now is sometimes hard to bear. Despite our successes we still feel restless for something more.

More meaning, vitality, balance, joy, success, happiness, security, wealth… 

Our self-doubt and negative beliefs and thinking patterns so often hold us back.

Who am I to think that I can make a difference in the world?

These are not comfortable feelings – and they are all too easy to numb. And so we live in our head to avoid our heart. We become flippant and cynical. We pretend. We wear our sophisticated masks. We drink too much, eat too much, watch too much TV. We work too hard. We avoid, we deny and we avoid some more.  We miss out on opportunities and become brittle, mechanical, living in a permanent state of reaction. Life happens. Life moves on and, seemingly, we have little control, little freedom.

Or so it seems.

I know this because I have been here.

Read more about my story here
The truth is…

We have far more control that we imagine

We can choose how we perceive the world

We can choose to respond rather than react

We can choose to do things differently

We can choose to commit

We have this FREEDOM

We can TAKE CHARGE OF OUR HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS by boosting our resilience, brilliance and presence in order to thrive and evolve – physically, emotionally, mentally, financially and spiritually – in our lives and leadership

About Resilience

Resilience is not necessarily about being hard, super strong or super independent and it is more than just bouncing back.  Resilience is a state of mind that enables an individual or group of individuals to thrive or flourishin the face of complexity, challenge, change, adversity and ambiguity, and the high emotional charges that accompany these conditions.

Resilient systems are able to operate under a variety of conditions and still maintain integrity and purpose.  Highly adaptive, they not only anticipate but absorb change and disruption.  They are able to heal.    They diversify, simplify, re-organise, connect, re-connect and co-operate.  They fail gracefully and listen deeply, learn openly.

More than ever, we need leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs and educators, indeed entire organisations,  that are able to adapt and move fluidly from one set of circumstances to the next while still maintaining their core purpose.  This ability is an essential leadership skill in an age where unforeseen crisis, socio-economic and political instability can cause a domino effect of disruption very quickly.  How in this complexity do you, as a leader, maintain simplicity?  How do you make room for graceful failure and future transformation?  When you, your team or your business takes that deep dive into the unknown, how do you hold your own, observe, observe, sense and then … act in a moment.

Metamorphic Coaching and Leadership will help you become more resilient by identifying 9 Sources of Intelligence, increasing 9 Streams of Awareness, mapping 9 Routes to Resilience and integrating the 12 Principles of PRESILIENCE.

About Resilience and Burnout

In today’s highly demanding and volatile world many of us swing between well-being and burnout.  Your capacity for resilience is key to how you can manage this pendulum so that you can better prevent or at least bounce back from burnout and maintain more consistent health, happiness and well-being.

If burnout in the workplace is not managed it often leads to depression.  The World Health Organisation states that 1 in 4 people experience major depression at any one time. In South Africa burnout has a disastrous impact on productivity to the cost of +- 19billion rand per annum.

To neglect resilience as a personal or leadership responsibility is to risk not only longer periods of work-related burnout but bouts of depression often accompanied by destructive or addictive behaviour patterns.  Again, the impact of this on business is vast – more so where these conditions are not recognised or discussed openly, or where they are seen to be signs of weakness or simply not an acceptable part of a high achieving culture.

By offering you the opportunity to learn about your burnout, Metamorphic Coaching and Leadership will give you the tools to use your burnout as a vehicle for transformation.


Some Personal Outcomes of Resilience

You will:

  • Improve your ability to solve problems, make-decisions, set-goals, plan and prioritise, resolve conflict, sustain performance and manage feelings of overwhelm
  • Discover your strengths and develop positive and powerful self-concepts
  • Build strong, supportive relationships learning when to reach in and when to  reach out
  • Recognise and shift negative emotions and thinking patterns
  • Tolerate ambiguity and uncertainty
  • See setbacks as challenges and opportunities for learning
  • Experience a greater sense of meaning, significance and coherence


Metamorphic Coaching and Leadership will support you in devising your own Personal Resilience Plan.   Contact or Call to Action


Some Organisational Outcomes of Resilience

In a resilient organisation you will see

more energy, engagement and motivation

greater recognition, appreciation and contribution

flexibility, adaptability,  and the ability to “dance in the moment”

less brittle systems

creativity, big-picture and critical thinking; greater innovation

loyalty and longer retention of talent

less sick leave and absenteeism

less destructive behaviour patterns and lower risk of burnout

more concentration, less mistakes and accidents

improved client relationships and behaviour

greater sense of purpose and meaning

collaboration and higher functioning team work

authenticity, integrity, dialogue and conversation

recognition of opportunities for growth and  learning – especially as a result of failure

greater connection, relatedness, health and happiness



Metamorphic Coaching and Leadership will support you in devising a Professional Resilience Plan to help you, your team and organisation become even more resilient giving you a vital competitive advantage in times of flux and volatility. 


Some Premises of Resilience

  • Change is inevitable
  • Resilience can be learnt
  • It is an ongoing process that requires time, effort, awareness and choice
  • Being resilient does not eliminate stress, problems or the experience of painful emotions
  • Culture, family history, health and past experiences can influence levels of resilience
  • Resilience leads to mastery


Some Definitions of Resilience

  • Resilience is the capacity of an individual or system to maintain it’s core purpose and integrity in the face of paradigm change
  • Resilience is the capacity of individuals to deal with life’s stressors in ways that enable them to lead healthy and fulfilled lives.
  • Resilience can be seen as the “self-righting tendencies” of the person, both the capacity to be bent without breaking and the capacity, once bent, to spring back.
  • Resilience is rooted in a tenacity of spirit—a determination to embrace all that makes life worth living even in the face of overwhelming odds. When we have a clear sense of identity and purpose, we are more resilient, because we can hold fast to our vision of a better future.


  • Resilience is a mindset that allows you to see your life as an explorer!