Group Coaching Programs

Group Coaching Program

This is a 6, 9 or 12-Session Program in which your group will learn 10 keys to take charge of your individual and collective happiness and success by boosting your resilience, brilliance and presence in order to thrive and evolve in your life and leadership.

Your group will

  • Explore, develop and harness a range of innate and collective intelligence
  • Recognise different types of resilience and increase awareness of your individual and group resiliency strengths
  • Learn skills and practices to enhance resilience, brilliance and presence
  • Create the shifts necessary to make more empowered and resilient choices
  • Understand the relationship between resilience,  happiness and success
  • Learn to perceive the world, act in the world and be in the world in new and more powerful ways in order to thrive and evolve personally and professionally
  • Work on your individual Resilience and Mastery Plan

I like to run this Group Coaching Program with

  • groups of young professionals
  • groups of lawyers
  • groups of educators
  • groups of entrepreneurs
  • groups of women
  • groups of individuals living with addiction issues
  • groups of individuals living with bi-polar disorder

Contact me to see how I can support you and your group on your journey and how we can best work and play together.