Individual 1:1 Coaching Programs

Individual 1:1 Coaching Programs (Skype or in person)

Our Initial Contact

Having made contact with me, we will have a conversation either telephonically, via Skype or in person to test for both “fit” and “readiness”. This is sometimes known as a “Chemistry Session”.

In this initial conversation I will get a good feel for what you, your team or your business are wanting from a potential Coaching Program, what is working for you at present, what is not working and what you would like to be doing differently?  You will get a feel for me as your potential coach.

Your Next Step

You will complete a Coach Readiness Questionnaire.  This is quick and easy but illuminating.  It should take you a few minutes.  You will return the completed questionnaire to me together with confirmation of a date that suits you for our first Intake Session. Making a decision as to the level of Coaching Program you desire and confirmation of this will start our co-partnership rock and rolling!

My next Step

I will then send you

  • an Introductory Letter
  • an Introductory Questionnaire
  • an Client/Coaching Working Agreement
  • Some Pre-Coaching Preparation
  • an Invoice for our first three Coaching Sessions (unless other agreement contracted)

I am hoping that you will find the Introductory Questionnaire thought provoking and that you will have fun completing the pre-work.  This should be returned a couple of days before our Intake Session together with confirmation of payment.

Intake Session

This is often longer than our regular Coaching Sessions.  During the Intake Session, we will spend time contracting around how we will work together:  confidentiality, time, venue, process, number of sessions, accountability, client and coach roles and expectations.  Based on the documents already received from you, we will flesh out your Coaching Objectives.  These may not be totally clear to begin with and may take some honing over our first few sessions.

12-Session or 9-Session Coaching Program

Sessions will be scheduled in advance as far as possible.  Normally, sessions are once every two weeks.  There will be a Mid-Program Review to gauge progress and review results, connect with what is working, what is not working and what can be done differently.  Contracting happens throughout the process to ensure that this is truly a co-creative, equal partnership.  There will be an End of Program Review, an opportunity for closure and a chance to celebrate your journey.  This also provides a chance to re-contract if you wish to continue in coaching.

Coaching Notes

Depending on your package, I will send you comprehensive and confidential Coaching Notes between your sessions.  I have had much feedback from previous clients that these notes, with the searching questions that they often contain, act as a tool for reflection, a catalyst for change and even a mini-coaching session.  In addition they provide a valuable reference and keep track of your goals and process.  Great time, care and energy is spent during the reflective writing of these notes making this a valuable add on and a strong distinguishing feature of my work as a coach and something that you will see is factored into my fees.

Between Sessions

Inter-session availability is another value addition to the Program.  You can take advantage of a 15 minute Mini-Coaching Session, over the phone or via Skype, between sessions.  Often quite powerful “laser coaching” can happen in this time with surprising breakthroughs.  You are free to email me between sessions.   I may email you too, where I have something pertinent that strikes me, a thought I have for you or an article or note I want to send you for your interest.  Again, this level of access depends on the coaching package you choose.

Closure and Referrals

At the close of our process together I will give you a Metamorphic Gift Certificate and email you an electronic version to gift or pay forward to individuals in your various networks and communities.  You are welcome to ask for a Gift Certificate at any stage during the Program.  I will ask you for a written Testimonial.  These are gratefully received, as are your Referrals.

Fees and Invoicing

The initial first three sessions are invoiced up front and should be paid in advance of the Intake Session where possible.  Thereafter I will invoice you on the last day of each month for that month.  Preferably payment is to be made in the first week of the following month and proof of payment emailed to me as confirmation of payment.

Coaching Programs and Rates

GOLD Gold Coaching Program
R1,200 per session to include:

  • 1:1 in person and/or Skype coaching sessions (up to 75 minutes) available am, pm and weekends
  • Comprehensive and confidential Coaching Notes
  • 15 minutes power coaching between sessions
  • Personal communication and sharing of information between sessions
  • Enneagram Report on request
  • Full access to working environment

SILVERSilver Coaching Program
R850 per session to include:

  • 1:1 in person and/or Skype coaching sessions (up to 60 minutes) available am and pm
  • Confidential Feedback and Overview of Session
  • Some email availability between sessions

Bronze Coaching Program
This is my pro-bono Program.

complimentaryComplimentary Coaching Consultation
and Gift Certificate
Available on request or at end of
Coaching Program to pay forward.


VIP Visioning Program
Half-day Exclusive 1:1 Coaching
Create a Resilience and Mastery Plan

Rates negotiable.