Public Speaking Engagements

Public Speaking Engagements

I am available for TV and Radio interviews, key-note presentations, inspirational and motivational talks.  I love doing this work, irrespective of the size of the audience.

Be prepared to wake up, learn some thing new, be inspired and laugh out loud!

Want to size me up?

I would like to offer your leadership and/or staff a complimentary 45 minute talk:


“Be Bold, Be Brilliant,
Be like Bamboo”

This talk is designed to

  • provide a better understanding of resilience and what it is to thrive
  • offer a new perspective on the relationship between resilience, happiness and success
  • encourage the practice of “happiness boosters”
  • be fun and energy-enhancing!
  • leave listeners with a key nugget of learning and a clear step forward


I am also giving away a
BONUS Complimentary Gift Certificate
to EVERYONE that attends this talk.
Now that is a deal and a half!

What can you do?

Contact me today to book a date for this resilience-boosting talk.

Contact me to book a talk.  Don’t leave it too late.  You do not  know the difference one talk may make!

What have others said 

  • I was wowed by Wendy’s sincerity and sense of purpose.
  • I remain fascinated by what Wendy has put together. This is an immensely valuable talk. Wendy is passionate, fun, thorough and insightful. Moreover, she really cares about impacting the lives of those she work with. I like the balance of daily practice and theory input.
  • Wendy speaks my language.  Her talk had substance to it. Her message about resilience, success and happiness came through powerfully.  Not only was it presented and explained well but it grabbed my core. She asked the right questions and ignited my thinking. Wendy was honest and affirmative.  Her Presilience Formula is BRILLIANT!
  • Wendy’s revelations about her challenges were incredibly brave and reminded me of the work of Brene Brown who gave some wonderful TED talks about vulnerability. As she said, there is far more strength (resilience) in authentically meeting the present, moment to moment than in the hardened armour and masks many of us learnt to put up from an early age.
  • Wendy’s talk was inspiring and motivating.  Wendy is dynamic. She oozed warmth and sincerity.  I liked the fact that the course has a holistic approach to helping one be a whole person in today’s fractioned world.  It helped me realise how it important it is to be centred and grounded.
  • Wendy was inspiring, real and full of humour.
  • I’m glad attended this talk which for me was excellent and empowering.  I will definitely consider referring anyone I know to The Power of Presilience Program.  I look forward to more talks in the subject.
  • During and after this talk I was energized to take action.  The result has already been a happier and more productive me.  So YES Wendy’s talk was SO worthwhile.  I have signed up and look forward to the Program.
  • Wendy has a deep understanding of resilience and how to teach it. Her model is quite brilliant in that she defines resilience as comprising several different types of intelligence. She then explores each and gives exercises to improve that level. Her teaching style is engaging and enthusiastic, she is generous with what she shares and makes it all very understandable. I recommend this talk and the 6 week course for anyone who would like to move up the scale towards thriving.
  • I attended Wendy’s talk out of curiosity.  I am a sceptic by nature but decided to go there with an open mind.  And Wendy’s take on “resilience” opened my mind even further.  She is a natural teacher and her message came across with a sincerity that kept my attention throughout.   I have subsequently signed her up as my coach and after only 1 session I knew that it was time and money well spent
  • Wendy has a wonderful way to captivate people; she is entertaining, authentic and has amazing presence. I found the talk to be practical and insightful, definitely worth taking the time to attend.  I walked away with affirmation and easy action steps which can be implemented to build my own resilience.